Send External CallerID when doing call forward to external number

hello guys, i need some help with this:

i got this scenario: caller calls from outside to me extension, i got a call forward unconditional to my mobile, i got calls on it but the calls comes with my extension CallerID instead of the External caller, there is a way that i can send the external CallerID to the transfer number ??

I use the “Set Caller ID” module for this. I route the call to that, and then the call to my cell phone…

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okay thanks for the replay, can you guide me on this ?

what i want is to set this globally on my system, everyone that set a forward unconditional to external number can get it working.

My solution doesn’t really scale well to the full system.

What is your setting for “sendrpid” set to, and do you have the route identified as an “intracompany” route?

here it is,

also the route.

if i need to set it manually i can handle it, but wanted to do this the most.

This might work, sort of.

I don’t have access to the computer I did this on, so “misc-…” and “custom-…” might get confused.

Step 1 is to set up a [custom/miscellaneous] destination (IIRC) called “6041-Caller-ID” or something you’ll remember. In that destination, send the call to the “Set CallerID” module. This will set the caller ID in the call to whatever you need it to be (overriding whatever was there). Send this call to [misc/custom] extension that points the call to the outbound call.

Even though the “Set CallerID” thing is pretty universal, it can’t be done at the system level because the destination you want to send the call will vary based on how you got there.

Basically, play around with the custom- and misc- modules and you’ll figure it out pretty quickly.

If you’re still having problems, drop me a PM and I’ll look it up when I get back to the house.

Check first with your provider that you can send any cid that you want or if only allows number that you own.

yes @astbox it support sending my own callerid, i just use it for outbound calls and callcentric to inbound with a did.

@cynjut i will try it and give feedback, also if you manage to see what you’ve done that will help.

thanks again both for replaying.