Send calls that match my NPA/NXX direct to voicemail

I have 10 or 15 DIDs coming into my FreePBX and over the past 6 months or so I’ve noticed a dramatic increase in nuisance calls (silence, static, or the wonderful sounds of your call being routed to a call center once you say hello).

What I have noticed is that the vast majority of these calls that I’m now seeing match my NPA/NXX. So if the DID that receives the call is (587) 234-xxxx the caller ID of the incoming call will also be (587) 234-xxxx.

I’m guessing that this is being done to make the call seem more “friendly”… assuming if you see a number similar to yours you’ll assume it’s a neighbor or someone nearby. While that might have been true here in the 60’s when everything was still hard-wired back to the exchange, not so much anymore :slight_smile:

Regardless the reason, we’re all just tired of dropping what we’re doing, running across the office/shop to the phone and getting nothing; I don’t even answer them anymore so I’d be much happier not even hearing them ring. What I’d like to do is route any calls that match any of my NPA/NXX combos directly to the voicemail box that they would have gone to if they’d followed their normal inbound route (whether that be direct to an extension, to a ring group or to a queue). If it is a legit call I’ll get a voicemail, if it’s not who cares. What would I need to do to set this up in routing?

I’ve also had some thought of looping them out to an IVR for a “press x if you’re human” and then either dropping the call or carrying on with the normal call flow. Would there be any way to inject this into the routing so it wouldn’t have to be done 15 times? That is to say could I send all calls matching my NPA/NXXs to a global IVR, and then if they pass that IVR then the call follows the normal call routes that I have set up now?

I thought STIR/SHAKEN was going live in the US. It might be worth looking into how to check the attestation status, and seeing how well it works, before rejecting all local numbers out of hand. In theory, people should no longer be able to do this unless they buy numbers in every local numbering block, at least to the extent that people take note of C attestations.

Incidentally, I have seen Asterisk code designed to do this sort of caller ID spoofing, but I’m not sure if it is part of FreePBX.

You could create inbound routes with a CID match of the format _1456789XXXX for each of the number formats you want, but the AllowList module is a neater solution. Any inbound caller from an unrecognizable CID goes to an IVR which can’t be navigated by robots and recognized CID numbers ring right thru. I’ve been doing this for my home numbers for ages, and I get about 2-3 unwanted calls a year.

Thanks @david55, I’m actually in Canada and while we’re supposedly in the process of mixing the same cocktails i don’t know what the status actually is. I’m sure what it’ll ultimately do is make certain things more difficult or impossible for legitimate DID “owners” and have minimal impact on the bad actors.

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