Send callers to Queues if no input in IVR received


Is there a way to send someone to a particular destination if the IVR received no input.

I would like to send a caller to the Queues if no input received during the IVR.
is the feasable ?

I tried to send the caller to the Queues first, and use the Join first Announcement option to replicate a greeting. Although this works, callers are not allowed to type in an extension.

Any suggestions is helpful

Thank you

Mouse over the various text descriptions on the IVR setup page and read the popups - you will see that if you use t instead of a number, that is the selection that will be taken in the event of a timeout.

Hi and thank you for your input

I got it to work now

I was initially sending calls to the queues first and not the IVR, and was using Join Announcement in QUEUES as a greeting intro - but IVR input was not being allowed during the Join Announcement. (Althought I see no reason why IVR input is disallowed during any caller greetings).

I got it to work now

Thank you very much