Send caller to blacklist

I have been using a programmed button to send the last CID to the blacklist module. (Sends feature code *32) This works great.

Is there any way to send a call that is currently ringing at the extension/phone directly to the blacklist “immediately”? That is, basically forward the call to the Blacklist Module Destination (typically terminate the call, but whatever it’s configured for), plus add the CID to the blacklist.

This would be a great feature!

Thanks for any ideas/tips/tricks to make that happen!

The context [app-blacklist-last] depends on

exten => s,n,Set(lastcaller=${DB(CALLTRACE/${AMPUSER})})

and I am not sure that CALLTRACE value would reflect the current caller yet, so perhaps concoct in-call feature code that calls a context that hangs up the call, thereby setting that value, and then initiate a call to [app-blacklist-last] or more silently just add that CallerID(num) to the blacklist family and hangup

OK, maybe I should “simplify” what I’m trying to do, because I’m no expert with this…

I’d like the “Feature” (button) on the phone to either just answers the call and immediately hangs up, or it transfers the call to an extension that just terminates it…without having to actually answer the call…like the feature is effective when the phone is ringing (not “idle” and not already “in call”).

I’m currently using a Polycom phone for this, in case anyone has explicit codes/instructions about what to include in my config file.

Thanks again.

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