Send Caller ID to Misc Destination


When my business closes, I use the Misc Destinations app to send callers to our call service. Since it dials out, it sends our caller ID. Can I change it to send the caller ID of the original caller?


By default, Misc Destination does send the original caller’s number.

It is likely that your trunking provider does not allow you to send a number that’s not yours. In some cases, you can sign a special agreement with them to bypass that restriction.

Or, your system may not be configured correctly to send the headers (typically P-Asserted-Identity and/or Diversion) that they require. Use pjsip logger (or sip debug if you are still on chan_sip) to examine an outgoing INVITE to see whether it conforms to their requirements.

Note that some technologies, including analog lines and cellular gateways do not allow any changes to outbound caller ID.

Possibly, your answering service offers connectivity via SIP (rather than dialing their number), which would avoid this problem altogether.

Another option is getting an additional SIP trunk that is used for these forwarded calls (though it could also serve as a backup for your regular trunks). Assuming US, for this application I recommend AnveoDirect or Telnyx. Both provide a small credit at signup so you can test without making a payment.

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