Send Answer in ring group before playing MOH


I have connection:
[external SIP trunk] -> [100 ring group with MOH enabled].

When Asterisk receives external call, it must play custom dial tone.

Without MOH enabled for the group, everything works fine. But if I enable MOH, call drops. In logs:

Reason: Q.850;cause=47;text="Resource unavailable, unspecified"

Peer told me that I can not send custom dial tone without sending Answer.

Can I configure Asterisk to send Answer before playing MOH by FreePBX somehow?

Thank you.

Try in the associated inbound route “Signal RINGING”

Unfortunately it did not help. With “Signal RINGING” enabled I can see 1st signal in standard dial tone but then call drops.

Then maybe send the inbound route to first an announcement then the ring group the announcement could be just a second of silence

You mean create 1-second silent Announcement and assign it to the group? Will it work? What is best way to create silent Announcement?

Really, the scheme will be:
[SIP peer] -> [ring group (human attendants) with MOH and 10-seconds timeout] -> [IVR (in case attendants are unavailable)]

Maybe proper way is use IVR only? But how can Asterisk ring attendant’s phone immediately after receiving call?

No assign the inbound route to the announceent (it will give answer) then send to your RG. Have you read

top to bottom yet, you should.

I will try Announcement and lat you know results.

Thanks for RTFM :). I have read Documentation but only part of it I need.

Announcement did the job! Thank you for help.