Send an email when a call is received

I would like to have my system send an email every time it takes a call.

I have lots of lines and extensions, and some of the incoming lines have their caller id modified before it gets to my phones. For instance, if someone calls me on my line 555-1212, and this call is routed to my cell, I need to know what company or marketing material they are calling on. To accomplish this I have the caller ID modified from the caller’s number to the number that they called (555-1212). This way I know how to answer the call and know what it is regarding. I do this on several lines routing to my cell. This is great when I answer a call but causes great confusion when I am trying to figure out who is who later. It also is a pain when I miss a call and would like to return the call.

To help relieve some of this pain, I would like to have the system send an email every time I receive a call (or every time a call is routed to my cell phone’s extension). The email would be to an email address that would get to my cell in a few seconds. It would contain the original caller ID number and name, the number called, the duration, … So far, I cant find any info on how to make the system send out an email in response to a call being routed to a particular extension.

Any help on how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated. I think this type of ability would be quite useful in lots of situations… supervising a sales assiciate processing calls for instance.