Send a call to a extension logged into a queue

A earlier question came up in another post that got me thinking. For customers calling back into a queue, it would be a great experience to send them to the person that helped them last, if possible. While it seems straightforward to be able to query an extensions status and either send to that employee or the general queue, if I do that I lose the queue data for the call. Ideally I would want to engage that agent through the queue so that the call and agent data stay with the rest of the queue data.

So the question:
Is it possible to send a call to an extension through the queue (or whatever necessary) context so that the call, talk time, etc. accumulate under the queue statistics?

Haven’t tested this… Calling the Queue() application with a custom rule that manipulates the penalties so it only rings (or starts to ring) by the preferred agent as well as bumping their position to the top can probably work.

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