Self Identification - Data Pass through

FreePBX/Asterisk 14

I’ve setup a system that can authenticate (prompt and confirm input) users and send them to a “Already Authenticated” queue that I’ve built in the GUI. I want to take it one step further and provide the account number to the agent answering the phone before the caller gets on the line. I know I could change the caller ID to display the account number on the phone, but that can mess with our reporting if we need to research a call that came in.

Is there a way to play a dynamic whisper, “Account number: X” when the agent picks up the call, but before the caller is connected to the agent?

Are there any 3rd part tools that anyone is aware of that may fit this need (Computer screen pop, whisper, etc.)?

Thanks for any guidance here.

I’m not really familiar with custom code, but take a look in the Queue settings, there’s a option to play a audio when picking up the call before getting connected to the caller.
I assume you can play a custom audio like tts or something like that.

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Does anyone know if I can do a TTS as the audio when picking up the call before getting connected to the caller? It looks like on the queue module, it may just let you chose static system recordings. I need the announcement to the agent to be dynamic so that it can play the channel variable unique to that call.


I’m not really familiar, but we’ve done this a few times with SayDigits
Search a bit online, this and this is what i found.

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Can I do that in the queue module, or will I need to pull this into a custom context to make it happen? From my own searches I do not see a way to make a system recording dynamic. My ideal end state is keeping this all in the GUI, so others can edit it easier.


You’ll need some custom code for that.

However, you mentioned that you can change the CID but you don’t wanna mess it up. Would a Prefix work for you?

Maybe, can you elaborate a little more on what you mean? I am also looking to see if there are any softphones out there that may make it easier to CTI pop some additional data, but not finding anything definitive yet.

Really open for anyone to answer here, is there some documentation somewhere that can help me understand how to basically SayDigits before connecting a queue call to an agent?

OK, so you need to bring three call streams together:

  1. Process the call and get the agent.
  2. Put the call “on hold” (or maybe parked) for the agent.
  3. Open a call to an agent.
  4. Play an TTS created announcement.
  5. Join the current “on hold” call to the current call to the agent.

I’m pretty sure you can do it with a custom context that (maybe) uses app-confbridge. That’s a lot of code to get something that could “as easily” get working with a Caller ID Prefix or an on-screen pop-up through the CRM interface.

I don’t want to try to code it, but I’m pretty sure it’s possible.

That’s my thought as well Dave. We don’t really have a CRM yet unfortunately, so I am looking for an application, or softphone that can work with FreePBX to pop the additional data on an agents screen. Do you have any recommendations or software that you’ve used previously to do something similar?

I’ve tried a few “click to dial” applications that had pop-ups. I don’t remember any of the names off-hand, but I think one of them was “TTX”? Maybe start there and see what you see.

Thanks! Will do. Zulu is looking pretty good (if you buy the PBXact appliance). Just need to confirm the license terms to be sure.

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