Selected and forbidden outbound routes

I’m a poor Elastix orphan :slight_smile: with a few IBPX running.
But i never found an issue for this question:
I have two trunks ( 1 ISDN, 1SIP Trunk) , and two outbound routes. The first one selected by “0”, and the second by “9”. ( Don’t ask me why, an old fashion inherited from PABX) each route is supposed to be used by one of the two companys using the IPBX.
I wish to deny acces to one of the routes to users of one of the societies.
How should I manage ?

There’s a package for that. It’s one of the commercial packages, but it does exactly that.

Thanks, Dave.

Do you know the name of this package ? Do you think it should work on an Elastix system ?

While it may or may not, the real way forward is to convert your orphaned Elastix system to a true FreePBX system (and move away from the derivative distribution). Once you have a system fully converted, all of the commercial packages will work.

Lorne (@lgaetz) has a team of guys that are working really well together to make this work for lots of people. I’ve never used Elastix, so your struggles are outside of my experience.

Commercial modules are not supported on non-FreePBX Distro systems. Since Elastix has abandoned its OSS users, your best way forward is to migrate to the FreePBX Disto using:

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