Select Main extension for inbound calls

Hello everyone
I am new into the PBX system.
We run our server in Elastix and from there I managed all the extensions. However I am not able to find how to set up one extension as the main one that can receive the calls. I am sorry if am not using the right words for describing what I need but I am really lost with this.
Thanks in advance for your help!

Elastix is dead and abandoned. I recommend you set up a FreePBX Distro system.

To direct incoming calls, you need an inbound route:

From a “training” perspective, you will use an inbound route (as you probably do now) to point the call to the extension you want to answer the calls. It’s pretty straightforward - the inbound route as a “destination” that you set with the call based on either the inbound DID or the caller’s Caller ID (or sometimes both). If you leave them both empty, any call that isn’t handled by another inbound route will default to this “any/any” route and the call will go wherever you send it.

Now, if (on the other hand) you want to be able to pick up a call that is ringing on another phone, that requires you to set up a permission group (basically) that allows you to pick up a phone and dial a feature code that can do a group pickup or a directed pickup.

Note that since Elastix is dead and based on an old version of FreePBX, we aren’t going to be able to help you a lot more than just the basics. Upgrading to a new version of FreePBX is the most likely way that we (as a user community) can help you.

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