Seize failed when transferring to parking extension

If I am reading things right…I should be able to transfer calls to ‘extension’ 70 and the first available parking lot will be assigned. The lot should be announced to the person transferring as well. That’s not happening. Instead what I get when dialing *270 is seize failed. Now…could it be that our extensions are getting in the way? Our extension numbers at our main campus are 3 digits and start at 200. I don’t have a 270…but could this be causing the issue? Thanks in advance.

Logs around the failed seize would help us narrow down the possibilities.

The short first-impression answer is “probably not”, but there may be something else in your config getting in the way. If you don’t have an extension 270, then you don’t have a competition between *270 trying to connect to the direct-dial for 270’s voicemail and the code to drop you into the parking lot.

Check your parking lot config and make sure your configuration makes sense.

First, does the parking lot work correctly? From an idle phone (not on a call), dial 70. You should hear an announcement (by default, “seven one”) followed by music. Stay on the line and dial 71 (or whatever was announced) from another extension. The two extensions should now be connected. If not, check feature codes, whether enabled, etc. If you can’t get this to work, post logs for a failing attempt.

Next, does call transfer (to another extension) via *2 work correctly? If not, troubleshoot that.

Now, when you attempt transfer to the parking lot, what goes wrong? Upon dialing *2, you should hear “transfer” followed by dial tone. Next, upon dialing 70, you should hear “seven one” followed by music. Then you hang up and it should be possible to retrieve the call from any extension.

IMO, using *2 from an inside extension is asking for unnecessary trouble. Use the transfer function on your device instead. Assuming it’s one of the ICW-1000G from your other thread, see p. 22.

It would appear that this was a case of misunderstanding the docs and trying to get too fancy. Transferring to the parking lot worked just fine. The phone has a transfer button and when using that to transfer to 70 it parked the call. I was then able to pick the call up from another desk. Thanks for the clarification.

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