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Seize Failed when calling from the "callers" softkey on the phone


Almost certainly, it’s because the Outbound Route matched on the working system has a dial pattern with a + in the prefix field. (Anything in the prefix field gets stripped, then anything in the prepend field gets prepended and the result is sent to the trunk logic, which can do further modification.

(Kafluke) #22

I checked all the outbound routes and they match in both systems. So next I checked the Trunks and they are identical as well. Back down the rabbit hole I go. BTW, both trunks have an outbound dial prefix with the + in them.

I feel like I’m getting close. I just need to find out why one system is stripping the + and the other isn’t.

(Aaron) #23

Post some pics. Strip the + in the outbound route dial plans, then only add it to the trunk outbound dial prefix if the provider requires it. Most dont. Except twillio maybe. I have 0 dial plan rules in all trunks except flowroute which requires it for IP authentication and others that require prefix for multiple trunk profiles on same IP.

(Kafluke) #24

There is no plus in the outbound route dial plan:

There is a plus in the trunk though:

(Aaron) #25

There is your problem. In your outbound route put a plus in the the prefix section of the 1nxxx line only to strip the plus.

Without it your call is going out as ++15552223333.

(Kafluke) #26

Thanks! You really are a VOIP genius. That fixed it! Bravo!


Yes, but if you still want to allow the end user to dial 15552223333, you also want to have a 1NXXNXXXXXX line without the plus.

(Kafluke) #29

Yeah a bunch of people couldn’t dial out after that. I didn’t have a line without the plus.

(Aaron) #30

Ohh wait Stewart youre right about that. I forgot. Sorry

(Aaron) #31

Stewart is the real voip genius. I actually have my trunks configed the way he said.

(Kafluke) #32

okay everything is working again. Thanks you guys!

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