Segmentation Fault (Core Dumped) Asterisk 1.8

Thanks for the offer.

We are approved by the UK CAA to run the JAA/EASA ATPL Theoretical Knowledge, (aircraft and helicopters), although unfortunately the business is on hold at the moment. Sorry I can’t help with your Citation rating, but thanks for the offer :slight_smile: That would’ve been neat.

Where we’re at now is I’ve disabled spandsp in the modules.conf file, so only FFA is loaded now. (I Still can’t get FFA to work - but I think that’s a separate project for another time).

MOH seems to be working fine now and so are the call progress tones. The musiconhold errors have disappeared from the logs.

I’m currently trying to find out why two of my outbound sip trunks is failing to register (with the same provider), when it was working earlier. Having said that, other trunks are working so it might be them rather than me.

So I think we can mark this update to 1.8 as basically working. Quite a lot has cleared up - although I can’t claim I did anything special other than poke around a bit. Your scripts obviously helped a lot. Did you see the couple or three errors I posted? Am I right in thinking they’re nothing to worry about?

Many MANY thanks for your help. I admit I’ve been all over the place with this.