Seemingly incompatible outbound trunks


We are setting up FreePBX to use 2 different outbound trunks.

We have 2 channels outbound that we use with one supplier but the calls in excess of 2 calls will falll over to second supplier.

In the main trunk, we limit the trunk to 2 outgoing calls.

When missing, we need to add a “1” to outgoing calls for the first trunk provider.

The second provider requires a 5 number prepend.

So, when we make the rule, we are stuck because we do not know which trunk will be used, so we do not know which prepend will be needed.

I am still learning my way around toubound call rles, so I need so ehelp.

To get around this, can we make two seperate rules?
1st -the man trunk with up to 2 channels, otherwise it will not work
2nd - this rule will be set after the first one, and when the first rule can not be used, it will pass on to the second rule.

Thanks for any feedback that will work this out, or show me where my outbound rules do nto work.


What you can do is, allow in your outbound route your regular patterns, then in Trunk 1 under Dialed Number Manipulation Rules, prepend a 1, and in the 2nd Trunk prepend the 5 digits.


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