Seeking information before building

I want to put up FreePBX with Asterisk 1.6 on Fedora 9 (well 9.5 :slight_smile: , and I am seeking information before I head down this road…

Has anyone put up a configuration like this? Are their any special considerations?

The only ‘physical’ trunks I will have on the system will be bluetooth-attached mobile phones (Asterisk Channel Mobile), is there support for configuring this in FreePBX?

I want to work with the current T38 support in Asterisk 1.6, are there FreePBX tools for that? Has anyone worked out a method to terminate a T38 call into spanDSP?

Speaking of spanDSP, I have written a custom context in Trixbox for T30 over the local LAN to faxes on ATAs for FAX to email, I would be happy to post the scripts here (call an extension from the fax, send out an email).

I am working extensively with IPv6, and have a native /48 prefix allocation to my home, Does FreePBX support Asterisk 1.6’s IPv6 features?

This makes a good starting list. I won’t be configuring anything for a couple of weeks, but want to get my facts together and see if FreePBX is the tool for me.