Seeking Guru/Consultant for Web to Mobile to Web App

My web development company needs assistance from a high level VOIP guru/consultant who can help us solve this problem on a new app that is in pre-release. We’re very adept at web projects, just not VOIP/Asterisk/FreePBX/IP calls.

Here’s details on what we need to accomplish:

  • We have a web app that starts on a standard webpage. Our users enter a US based cell phone number and click go. A call is initiated to the cell number. It records for 30 seconds, then posts the MP3 of the recording back to our website for listening by our user.

  • We currently have our proof of concept working with Twillio – but the cost is too much. (Two cents per call.) We need to get the cost per call on this way down or, ideally, free for our preferred business model to work.

  • Each call is approx 30 seconds long.

  • Must be scalable and can handle a high volume of calls (100+)concurrently. An dpotentiall hundred of thousands of calls per day. Very important.

  • Any solution that involves a single trunk would not work if it is limited to one call at a time.

  • We prefer cloud solutions.

We’re looking to meet up with a really bright VOIP pro who can show us/lead us/tell us how to do the telephony part of this much cheaper ourselves than currently with our curent solution. We’re very experienced web developers, just not with freepbx/asterisk/voip.

We’ll compensate you accordingly if you can get us a plan that works!

Please reach out to us if you think you have a solution!