See weird registration attempts

Did I break something in the PBX or is this a router issue?

router: edgemarc 2900e

I had an issue with the router where it was throttling bandwidth (without the traffic shaper running) down to something like 10 mbps. After resetting to factory the throughput issue went away and I’m getting 300 mbps like I should, but now I cant keep the phones registered. The reason I’m looking at the PBX is that I’m seeing weird things like the picture below, and the fact that in the asterisk log I see the internal address of the phones.

Does this ring any bells? Have the manufacturer of the router looking at it now.

The phones think they’re registered but they aren’t. They can call out fine but nothing can call inbound. I’m also seeing a bunch of random ports being used for registration. The one on 5060 seems to be the only one actually working and it appears that the PBX is sending a lot of traffic to 5060. ALG is turned off in the router.


While I’ve got almost everything working I’m still unclear on the cause of these issues.

Updating the firmware on the router fixed some of the issues (a hint provided by Ribbn/Edgewater) but the PBX was sending registrations to those random ports on the firewall in the router, which was causing more problems. I ended up turning on the ALG in the Edgemarc and changing the phone templates to have to have the phones register with the router instead of the PBX. Now everything is on port 5060 as it should be.

Messing with the router has screwed up the DHCP server (running on their windows server) so I set static IPs on the phones and will let the IT guy figure out the network.


Looking at the SIP settings in the PBX there’s no reason for there to be a bunch of different registration ports.


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