See Endpoint Registrations with MAC

I know in asterisk CLI using the following commands shows good info about the endpoints:
pjsip show endpoints
pjsip list endpoints

Is there some way to get the info that the “show” command uses to also parse what MAC address the endpoint is registered with?

Not directly, SIP registrations are Layer 3 (IP based) but you can use ‘arp’ (AddressResolutionProtocol) to resolve the layer 2 MAC address of still fresh Layer 3 hosts if they are on the LAN.

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To expand on @dicko’s comment - SIP isn’t limited to the LAN, so MAC address isn’t really a thing with SIP. If you get calls from the BBI (Big Bad Internet), you’re not likely to get the MAC address of a device, and I don’t know of any ways to seamlessly add that to the protocol.

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