Security Issue: System Updates have changed: This is a critical issue and should be resolved urgently

I can’t seem to find any way to get rid of this warning that has been present ever since I installed freepbx (version 14.0.11). Checking online for Module Updates shows nothing to update – only commercial modules to buy.

whats the output from the console if you issue -> fwconsole ma listonline

may also want to see what this returns - > fwconsole ma refreshsignatures

Click the red X next to the notification. If you can’t find that then take a screenshot of the notification and put it here

Thank you, Chris,

For the first command, all but three modules are Enabled and up to date.

builtin and motif are Enabled; Not available online. extensionroutes is Not Installed (Available online: | Commercial.

For the second command, everything reports good.

After running both commands, refreshing the dashboard still shows the same result.

Andrew, I imagine if I click the Red X, the warning will go away, but this would not resolve the underlying issue.

If the modules are up to date, then the issue is resolved. Dismiss the notice.

The answer is above.

Thanks, all. I had assumed that the warning would go away when the issue was resolved. I now understand that I must explicitly dismiss the warning.

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