security in freepbx

how to connect by a single ip address by ssh and wep to freepbx and block the rest

Not that I would recommend doing such an extreme blocking, but you would do that with iptables or the firewall module.

Such extreme blocking makes sense if:

  1. This is an on-site PBX.
  2. All phones are on the same LAN as the PBX.
  3. All trunks are local hardware (POTS, PRI, GSM gateway, ISP-supplied SBC)
  4. You have no plans for external extensions or additional trunking providers.

I’m assuming you mean “management” tasks, in which case, the simplest way (from a recent distro) is to use the Integrated Firewall module and restrict access for those two services to specific addresses. When I set up my customer’s PBX systems, I use a similar method to access the server from my management console in my office.

Using the Integrated Firewall, it’s a piece of cake. It’s all there in the module’s screens.

I had it with asterisk but I do not know how to do it in freepbx, it is to limit all the ip, and only let me connect from a specific one by ssh and via web

You can do it directly from the integrated firewall module.

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