Security FreePBX


I have installed FreePBX on a server hosted at an external hosting provider, and I would like to know if I did enough to secure the system. If you guys have any tips, tell me :slight_smile:

  • All extensions have a strong password
  • Only the required ports are open, and only to a few IP-adresses (they are static)
  • Backups are made every night
  • Updates are installed just after the backup every night
  • Admin Panel is only reachable from my (static) IP.
  • Voicemails are being send by e-mail
  • Maximum five calls out are possible at the same time

Have a nice day :+1:


Depends how critical your data is, Normally i say a weekly backup is enough

Good practice is to run manually again the backup job after doing updates, so you can monitor and see what actually happens, also so you have a backup with the updated modules.

If this is your first time installing/using FreePBX, you are good, man!!

Thanks @PitzKey !
I will keep it like this for a while :slight_smile:

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