Securing CloudVPS with new Firewall Module&Responsive Firewall

I have a FreeBPX server and I’m having issues with security, and connections. This is a cloud VPS, so it is not behind a dedicated firewall, so I need to rely on the built in firewall.
I’ve recently upgraded to FreePBX13, and I have the responsive firewall turned on. From what I can tell, the responsive firewall replaces any existing rules that I have previously had.
I will have remote workers that will have changing IP addresses as they travel. To tighten up security, I’d like to change the SIP bind port so that I stop getting scanned so easily and receiving
Fail2Ban alerts. I’ve changed the sip bind port in the sip settings page. However, the hardware phone that used to connect to port 5060 on the server, still makes a connection to the server ON port 5060 even after I changed the bind port and restarted the server.

Additionally, I’ve tried to connect via a softphone (Jitsi) to the server, using the changed port number, and I am unable to connect.

I’ve checket netstat and asterisk is listening on the changed port number, not 5060.

So I’m a bit confused as to why my hard phone IS connecting to port 5060, even though I changed the SIP bind port, and additionally, why my softphone will not connect to the server using the NEW port number.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!