Second Network Card On Freepbx

First of all I would Like to say FreePBX rocks.

I have a system with 8 snom 320 phones, 2 ATA units 3 ISDN cards, and some of the phones are at the end of a wireless network.

I run a private address range on FreePBX, However I want to make the server accessable to the outside world, I have a sip wifi phone, I have static public IPs and would like to assign one to the FreePBX server. I have not installed the hardware card yet, But I am sure its like any Linux Card Install.

my question is, Do i have to tweek FreePBX to make the external card work, Do I need to close ports to the outside world.

Has anyone done this.


FreePBX does not necessarily need any configuration although you may need to look at you sip_nat.conf settings depending on how your environment ends up looking. As far as closing ports and protecting your system from a firewall perspective, you clearly want to know what you are doing if you face any part of your system to the internet. If it is protected by an outside firewall then you just want to make sure you have it properly locked down there. Otherwise, you need to know what you are doing wrt to iptables to lock it down.

But the simple answer is you can easily do what you want. There are many people who run the system as both a router/firewall and pbx. It just takes a certain amount of understanding to set it up properly and safely. I have several systems setup this way.

Philippe Lindheimer - FreePBX Project Lead
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