Second incoming call not reaching freepbx

Hello Everyone,

I am pretty new to freepbx.

I have 2 phone lines one is sip trunk and other is dahdi.
I can receive calls on both trunks no problems that i know of.

if i get a call on dahdi i answer then i get another call on dahdi how can i get that call to transfer to sip so that my phones will still ring even though i am using the line that the second call is coming in from.
Currently i just get a beep on the dahdi line and thats it no one can answer it.

My thought is that when a call comes in on dahdi that it would transfer it to sip line as no one ever calls that number. (I plan to make it so that the sip number does not show up on caller id).

I have searched and not found… thanks for you help.

I had this with (even single) SIP trunk, solved with setting up a Queue, with No Answer option and just ‘ring’ as MoH (not sure if DAHDI will like the No Answer option, but on SIP for me it wasn’t a problem - or maybe I have not hit one with it yet). So try setting up a queue, have the trunk route call into it, and your phone(s) be queue agent(s).

The only viable solution is to arrange “call forwatd busy” to your SIP did with your analog provider ,you get to pay for those calls.

Thank you for your quick replies.
I am not familiar setting up a queue but i can try that and see if that works.

I would sooner not make any changes with my provider if i dont have to. I wonder how other people do it… there are lots of folks that would not have any sip lines and only have analog lines and i imagine they would run into the same situation… maybe i’m looking at it wrong and should take a different approach…

One analog line, one phonecall, thats just how it works. Flash the line with a feature code but that’all you can do from asterisk.

Ok so just to clarify … are you saying that it is NOT possible to transfer a call from analog line to sip line to keep analog line free when ever possible with freepbx?

That is exactly what I am saying. You can pay your provider to CFB to another number but other than that you are SOL.

Ok thanks for all your help. how do i mark this thread as closed or resolved etc…

You could edit the Subject line of the original post, but most folks around here don’t bother.