Second call from same trunk is auto answer while im with the first one

hi i will try to explain my self
i have a call from one trunk or line… that line have call waiting so in a normal situation if im am talking with someone that call first to that line i can hear the ring of the second call and choose to hang the first and answer the second
i test that inbound directly with an extension with the call waiting enable and it works fine
the problems comes when i send that inbound to a queue… the call get in, the extension answer the call and if someone call to the same number i hear the wisper of the sound of 3 rings and automatly the second one get in and block the first one…
i try the same with an extension with the call waiting disable and the same thing happend…
its like the second call droop the first one but both lines are still open, if i hang the call then i take the ring from the second call again and the system showme its number and i can answer it without problems, if i finish that call it rings again the first call and can answer it… etc etc
soo looks like its something in the queue
i use freepbx 14 with asterisk 13 full updated
someone have the same problem with out solution years ago…

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