Search on UCP


It look like the search functionnality on UCP for call history is only based on the phone number. Is this correct?
I would like to do search on date field. Is there a way to do it?

Thx in advance!

While you can’t search for a date, you can still sort it by date.
If you want to be able to search by date, you would need to file a feature request:


Issue here is that the freepbx is used by an outgoing call center and so we are talking about thousand of calls per phone line. Sorting will not help as there will be too many pages to go through.

I will open a feature request.

have a nice day!

If you have access to the Admin GUI, you can search the CDRs based on multiple fields (including dates) in the CDR Reports. Is there a reason you’re not using that?

As an admin, I do use the admin GUI. But as a user, I would prefer not to give them access to freepbx (even if you can limit the feature access).

Sounds like you need to call Sales and see what kinds of support you can get from one or more of the commercial packages. I know there’s a “call center” package that you can get that has many modules that you might find helpful

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