Scripted configuration of FreePBX/Asterisk

I want to run FreePBX/Asterisk in a docker container, but the biggest thing stopping me is the FreePBX configuration. My understanding, and I may be wrong, which is why I’m posting this, is that FreePBX is still configured via the web interface and there’s no real way to script the configuration. Is this true?

The web interface is nice, but I like to script everything so I get 100% repeatable installations.


There is no such script for that.

Since FreePBX is a GUI front-end to Asterisk, using a FreePBX based solution with a scripted back-end SHOULD be challenging.

I’m not saying you couldn’t do it, but you’d essentially have to recreate the installation steps for FreePBX in your script. If you did that, you’d create a very version specific installation script that would eventually do what you want it to do.

If you are just trying to do a scripted installation of Asterisk (and don’t need the management components), I’d think that there would be plenty of “just Asterisk” docker implementations that you could use as a start.

I guess the reason I feel scripting FreePBX would be nice is that it offers a nice abstraction above raw Asterisk. But, I see your point.

you can bulk export and import many of the settings in asterisk… but that’s all I know about.