Script for exporting old FreePBX tables into new FreePBX tables

I’ve got the old v.2 of FreePBX running and I’ve recently upgraded to 14. I’ve noticed the tables in the old version are different than the tables in the new version, so export/importing is odd.

I’m wondering if anyone has written an sql /any language script to import/export for this scenario? Like saving csv’s somewhere and importing them automatically with newer FreePBX; (without the table mismatch)

Thanks in advance.

But I’m doing FreePBX -> FreePBX. Will this still work? Doesn’t look like it… I could be crazy though. Thanks for your reply.


From Background:

Allows you to take any FreePBX based system on version 2.9 or newer and have it migrate all the PBX settings to a new system. This includes systems such as Elastix, PBXinaFlash or any other FreePBX based system including FreePBX Distro systems and manually installed systems on unsupported operating systems.


If you have below FreePBX 2.9 then I guess one or more things will break…

Good luck and have a nice day,


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technically fwconsole ma installall. Depending how old the data is the install scripts typically have migrations in them. some super old ones may have been removed but for the most part that should do the trick

Thanks for your reply. Will give it a run tomorrow and post an update. I know it’s a very early version of v2.# just not exactly sure which.