Screenshots of working Sipura/Linksys ATA adaptor config?

Perhaps this is a backwards way to go about this, but would anyone who has a working setup of SPA3000 (or similar) ATA talking to FreePBX locally across the same IP range/subnet mind posting their configs?

Basically if your ATA and FreePBX are on the same LAN and not subject to any NAT/firewall.

I’m trying SIP for the trunk and PJSIP for the extension because I’ve not been able to make PJSIP work for the trunk at all.

None of the guides online (e.g.) are all of: complete | up-to-date-for-2019 | relevant to my situation.

I was wondering if someone would mind sharing screenshots of (ideally!!) both the two relevant ATA pages in full plus the trunk on FreePBX and inbound and outbound routes. Obviously with any revealing details redacted.

Thank you in advance for considering my request!

If you are willing to follow some steps and factory reset your spa3000, I could try to help you. I have configured several ones of the newer model sp3102.
Many of those guides don’t take into consideration that the default port for chan_sip driver is not 5060 anymore, but 5160. And many of them also don’t mention that the UDP port for the FXO port is 5061 and not 5060, which is assigned to the FXS port.
Some other guides don’t correctly explain the differences between dial plan 1 and dial plan 2.

Ain’t gonna happen.

Screenshots of my SPA3102 would do little good. For starters, it’s in Thailand so the regional settings and dial plans are all different. I don’t use the FXS port at all, and that’s what’s giving you trouble. My PBX is in the cloud, so the network settings are also different. And if I redacted personal info by merely whiting it out, you wouldn’t know what info needs to go there and how it should be formatted. Overwriting the info with generic samples would be more useful, but with an image editor, it is a lot of work.

IMO you should troubleshoot your existing setup as best you can, post logs and other relevant info, and we’ll help you debug.

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