Screensaver & Backlight schedule missing using EPM with Sangoma phones

I have two systems that are both running and one is missing the Screen Saver Schedule in the Sangoma template:

The only difference is that the one missing the schedule was a purchased version EPM and the other wasn’t. My understanding is that while using the EPM with Sangoma phones, I have a full license on Sangoma endpoints???

Is there a way to resolve this??

Thanks - Ed

You need to update your EPM on the machine that doesn’t have it.

was hoping not to purchase (renew) EPM since i am only using S500/S700 phones. Is there a way to force the update? Module Admin has no option to force the download other than downgrade.

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Okay so I decided to just do the upgrade (was only $22) since i will probably need to test other phones on this system in the future, but that does bring up one question.

If i am only using Sangoma phones, do I get the updates to support my deployment? my understanding is that as long as I am only using Sangoma phones, the license for EPM is included with my purchase of the phones?

On the other deployment, it also says that updates are no longer available??


No what we state is that you dont need a license of EPM for sangoma phones. But if you buy a licensed copy of EPM then its unlocked for all phones and it requires yearly maint to get updates as the module as a whole gets updated and we have no way to update just sangoma phones and not others since its a single module.

If you have a licensed version of EPM but do not want to use it with other brands of phones you can open a customer service ticket asking them to remove the license from your deployment but you will be out your purchase of EPM for 3rd party phones then.

Sorry Tony I must be missing your point. My question is that if I deploy a system and only use Sangoma phones, will I get the updates without having to purchase?

My original reason for wanting to upgrade:
After I just applied the EPM update to this deployment I now see the schedule. The issue I was testing for is that if the scheduled time frame extends past midnight (5:00PM - 3:am - into the next day) the schedule fails and the screensaver kicks in.

This may just be a needed documentation change, but my customer brought it up and thought I would test it, going till 11:59pm works.

Thanks -Ed


Let me try and explain again. If you buy EPM on your system at any point you then need yearly maint renewals to update EPM. If you dont buy EPM then you can only use it with Sangoma phones and you do not need to buy Maint. The only reason you would buy EPM is to use it with other brand of phones that are not Sangoma and then to get updates you need to buy yearly maint on it.

As far as your question here on the schedule you are correct. Its a basic schedule designed for a set of hours per day not to enable screensaver or dim backlight. Its not designed for a complex rule where in a single day you would want 2 sets of start and end times.

Okay - so as long as the deployment is only using EPM with Sangoma phones and never purchased EPM Lic, EPM will update as any other module - without a renewal charge.

Thanks Tony

P.S. been a long day…

On the subject of backlight schedules, there is an open ticket here re: the tool tip description: