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Any chance of expanding the Queues so we can add get the the URL field in the Queue function when the code is generated? I realize this is no trivial since the URL is going to have to be dynamic, but a I would be quite happy if the code generated by the Queue page was simply:

exten => 600,n,Queue(600,t,${POPURL},2400)

so I could generate the value of POPURL elsewhere [e.g. extensions_custom.conf for some form of interactive interface] but have the queue page configure everything else. Since if this functionality is not used, ${POPURL} would simply evaluate to a blank and the Queue() function would work as it does now.

My immediate workaround is to change the template file but that is going to bite me on an upgrade at some point when I forget about the template change.

You are best putting this as a feature request in the ticket tacker. You should also give an example of how you would be using this.

I have not done anything with URLs in Queue(), what is actually sent and what sort of equipment is needed to do something with the URL.

Adding that information to the ticket would be very helpful for whomever eventually gets to writing a solution for this request.

Thanks Philippe!

Let me know if more info or clarification needed