Schmooze Extension Routing Module not working for me

Dear folks, I have installed the Schmooze Extension Routing Module on FreePBX 2.11 beta2.
I have also obtained the license from the Schmooze Website and the module shows up under both Users and Outbound routes.
I have now dragged all users except myself into the “Blocked” column, but they can still use this outbound route to make calls (I only have one route, so the blocked users should get “Call cannot be completed as dialed” if I understand correctly!

Has anyone got any input??

Hello folks, I would like to add that this occurs only when there is only one route defined.
If there are multiple outbound routes defined, it appears to work…

Any ideas?

Same issue here, I have one extension blocked from all outbound routes but one and the only way I’ve found to get it to use that route is to disable the trunk for the primary outbound route. It appears that extension routing is doing nothing at all.


Another bit of info:
I have a outbound route with a dial patten than has 9 as a prefix, before creating that route any number with 9 as the prefix wouldn’t dial. That outbound route has only one trunk in it. Now if you dial with a 9 you connect but it’s using a trunk not in that outbound route. I think that beta 2.2 has an issue with how it saves info on outbound routes.

I blocked my extension from all outbound routes with the extension routing module and I can still dial so it appears the extension routing module isn’t doing anything either.