Schmooze Extension Routes not showing up

Had to completely rebuild my FreePBX Distro server last week due to some klutzy server handling (don’t ask. It really is too embarrassing) Took the opportunity to upgrade to FreePBX Distro 1.10xx.210.62 and reorganize my home system. Everything works like a champ. No extra tweaks. I mean kudos to the development team pulling such a massive effort together.

I was using Schmooze’s Extension Routes module and decided to add it to the new install. Downloaded via Module Admin, verified that my system ID was registered at Schmooze. (Used my existing ID from the old departed system) License shows that it’s recognized but the options do not show up in Extensions or Outbound Routes.

Deleted the module and re-downloaded it. Same thing.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

YOu need to relicense it with a new deployment. All licensed software is licensed to the hardware wether it was free or paid.

Makes sense. Since I’ve already set the PBX Deployment ID I assume it needs to be reset or changed to the new deployment. I’ve searched for that process but came up empty. How do I reset it?

Thanks again!

Go remove the license file in agi-bin it would be a file like license-xx.zl

Then you can go back into the system admin module and paste your deployment number and have it pull a license.

I’ve the same problem.
I’ve installed the module after I’ve registered the License but I can’t see the additional sections in “Extensions” or “Outbound Route”.
Have you solved the issue?
Now the module works for you?
Thanks in advance.

Was this ever fixed? Did you have to purchase the free extension manager somehow? Been over both sites and google for close to two hours. Does the Licensed Products field on your pbx contain endpoint manager?

ilted, yes you have to add extension routing to your cart in the portal and check out to have that license added to your PBX. See this link for instructions