Schmooze Directory Text to Speech

We have Directory Built a new machine on AsteriskNow (previously was PiaF). The text-to speech in the directory worked fine on PiaF but doesn’t seem to work at all on the AsteriskNow build.

I noticed that both machines have Festival installed, but the PiaF machine also had Flite. Just wanted to see if maybe that was my problem or could it be something else? I figured there would be a place to tell the system which tts engine to use since I see a lot of talk about various options.

Asterisk 11.4

You need to install flite and recompile asterisk for flite support. I suggest using FreePBX Distro as this is all done for you upfront.

Tony–Thanks for the response. We started with PiaF and it was working but because we are using Digium phones, the DPMA etc we kept getting pushed toward AsteriskNow due to various little issues that all added up to big problems. Now everything is working perfectly except the tts. I will look into asterisk-flite and see what’s involved with that.

Thanks again!