Scheduling Resync_Periodic

Hello All,

I configued a bunch of phones which are unfortunatly using the switch aspect of the phone so if the phone resyncs it disconnects the pc from the network. I see that my Resync_Periodic was set for 24 hours, but that can be at random times since the last time the phone was rebooted and people get dropped and in some cases and loose work ( terminal sessions ).

Is there a way to define the time to resync? ( IE 3am )??
I tried searching but couldnt find anything.


Sorry about that, Cisco SPA5xx phones.

And the phones are of what brand?

Anybody have any ideas?


Hi, there is a config parameter that seems to be what you looking for (available at least in recent SPA5xx Firmwares)…

<Resync_At__HHmm_ ua=“na”></Resync_At__HHmm_>

I din’t personally tested it…


It looks like as of the new 7.4.7 firmware this is available…
More info on cisco’s forum here