Scheduled Time condition override reset


I have a need for the following.

Have a system that is permanently in a “Night” time condition that is manually placed into the override condition and plays day IVR, using override codes on the “Night” time condition, but reverts back to “Night” time condition automatically at 16:30 mon-sun in the event that the user does not remove the override.

The user has inconsistent start times and forgets to manually remove override.

Any help would be appreciated.

even if there is a way to automate a DTMF *271 at 16:30 in some manner to remove the override would work, I just dont know how to do this.


I’m not sure what you are asking for.

Let me see if I’ve got it - you want the system to switch to “night mode” at 1630 every day, but you don’t want to revert to day mode automatically, except when the person that works there forgets to put the phones in day mode, but then you want the system to go back to night mode automatically? What is the system event that will let the system know that “automatic day mode” should start?

I’ve used SCCP and 7961 phones a lot, and one of the things I typically do is program one of the buttons to watch the day/nigh “hint” and turn on when the phones are in night mode. This way, the people at work can glance at the phone and see if they are in night mode or not. Pressing the same button toggles the mode from day, to night, to day, etc. Is that what you’re looking for?