Scheduled deletion for Voice Recordings

I don’t have enough space to store my recordings for months, can somebody help me with a script to automatically (say, load it with cron) do this for me or can you point me out to where I can get the script.

The script should:

  • Delete particular voice (WAV) files within a specific period of time, say 3 months old from the current day.
  • The script should use dates as basis of deletion.

What I’m doing now is manually deleting files since it shows errors when I only have < 1GB space in my root dir (/).

Thanks in Advance.

Two options - You can click the support link and purchase some hours. This will provide you with a guaranteed outcome.

Or you are welcome to post a bounty with the amount of money you are willing to pay someone to do it. YMMV with this option depending on who you choose.

Waiting around for someone to write this for you, may be a long wait.

If you want help from the community pick up a book on bash and try to write the script. Most people are quite willing to help you if you show some effort.

Never mind, had it sorted out already. Instead of deleting the WAV recordings - I had it moved to a Windows server with larger storage capacity, using samba (fstab), and crontab.