Sccp/skinny support in freepbx 12

You know, I’d love to… but the capital outlay to replace thousands of Cisco SCCP 7960 and 7940s is a lot more than it is to pay one of our internal programmers to fix this module.

So, if you’re volunteering to pay to replace all the SCCP phones with SIP-compliant phones, I’m all ears… also, I can find no reference to Cisco EOLing SCCP.

Cisco CCIE in UC here. Try to find one current model phone Cisco offers that uses SCCP:

7960’s and 7940’s were end of sale in 2010 and zero support as of 2015. Since you’re running FreePBX, I assume that you didn’t want to pay the licenses for CUCM so you went the Cisco alternative route due to license/upgrade costs. That is why I’m interested in FreePBX, especially for the SMB where Cisco does not offer a cost effective solution.

I understand that not every company has money to have a state of the art phone solution. Most companies that rely on their phones as mission critical keep their equipment more current.

That was easy to find:
(2nd phone on the list you provided), so its clearly not EOL.

We never used CUCM, but we did switch from a very legacy, very antique phone system to fPBX because well, the old system didn’t even offer time groups, IVRs, or CDR data… basically, it was an extremely expensive pile of crap that was good probably 15 years ago.

That being said, I am pushing to get away from SCCP phones and into Grandstreams.

LOL. Ya, give your users that phone…

@brandonmc - We have had positive feedback from our end users on the Yealink family of phones and from a technical/cost perspective it’s hard to beat them, I did not have the same success with the Grandstream handsets. So far the Yealinks have worked flawlessly with Asterisk/FreePBX and the flexibility they offer from a configuration standpoint is excellent.

Hope this helps some in your decision making.

P.S. - We are currently running a mix of 7942/7962 and Yealinks (SIP Only) in our deployment and the only issue that I have to date is call pickup, calls are dropping after 6 seconds. Appears to be a Cisco firmware issue where we need to upgrade to a newer version and use TCP instead of UDP. Still working on this one.

Let me know if I can help in any way.


Hey Dave, did you ever get round to this?
I’d love to have my growing family of Cisco phones working natively and I have got SCCP_Chan_B installed with a fair bit of googling to install the necessaries to complete (WGET and GC44 specifically.)
I know that they could be persuaded to work with just the driver installed but a GUI would surely provide the clearer controls I so desperately need and I doubt I’m alone?

The graphical and database interfaces for FreePBX11 and above changed dramatically and radically from 10 (which is what I wrote the original program for). As odd as it sounds, there just isn’t a lot of demand for a graphical interface for managing these phones. You’re probably the fourth person to ask since FreePBX 11 was released.

I’ve been busy with lots of other stuff, including working at my day job (look for “Cynjut” on the Internet - that’s almost always me) and the “orange one” is keeping us pretty busy lately.

If you follow the advice I provided in the "Chan-SCCP-B for FreePBX Wiki article (splitting the file into line and device components), the system really is pretty simple to maintain even without a GUI.

I’d love to get back to it, but my phone customers never change their configs, my day job isn’t interested in it, and I have more work than I can get done with other stuff. Sorry.

The code is out there on GitHub and SourceForge. One other guy said he was going to make it work with the new database and graphical stuff from FreePBX 11, but I never heard back from him. Since the only thing he needed to do was the graphics code, I have to assume it’s more daunting than he assumed.

Damn shame Dave, I’d love to give these fantastic phones the life they deserve. I did get the Manager module installed though, how much of it is working is anyone’s guess as it fails driver signing and since I didn’t build it, I can’t submit it for signing :cry:

The manager module has some problems - security type problems, so if you want to use it (which you certainly can) you’ll have to make sure no one from outside your local network can access it.

How can I use it without it being signed? That doesn’t disable functionality?

No, just gives a dismissable warning…

So the fatal
while ($row = mysql_fetch_row($res)) {
warning I’m getting has nothing to with signing? lol

No-one should use mysql_xxx calls they will be going away as of php 7 and thrpw warnings at 5.5. That said the error shouldnt be fatal. You beed the full error to be helpful

This James? Thanks for looking

mysql_fetch_row() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given
function get_buttons_devtype($type) {
global $db;

	$res = mysql_query("SELECT dns, buttons
						FROM sccpdevmodel
						WHERE model='$type' ");
	while ($row = mysql_fetch_row($res)) {
		$modelData['dns'] = $row[0];
		$modelData['buttons'] = $row[1];

Ok, I have neither the will nor the skill.
I’ve de-installed both SCCP Manager and OSS Endpoint as neither performed as expected.
If I buy the license for Endpoint Manager, will it install my shiny second user Cisco 7971G-GE in under 120 seconds? Or will it be another royal pain in the proverbial?

Many thanks for your work, Dave
I installed asterisk 13 + freePBX + SCCP and I want to install SCCP module Manager but it gives an error I do not know what to do please tell me Very much wanted to understand Tell me or direct to the right channel

Thank you so much
I’m new to this …

I haven’t heard and I haven’t had any time.

Remember, the SCCP Manager (which is the GUI piece we’re talking about) is completely separate from the SCCP_Chan_B driver set, which is working flawlessly in Asterisk 13 and (albeit without a GUI) FreePBX 13.

Do not tell me how to make SCCP manager Asterisk13 + FreePBX (Cisco IP Communicator)

I’m not sure what you want, since this is a demand and not a question.

The SCCP manager I wrote for Asterisk 1.8 and FreePBX “a heck of a long time ago” was completely obsoleted by the new FreePBX BMO data model. Between that and the new style sheet implementation, the SCCP Manager is no longer viable or supportable. In addition, there are some significant security flaws in the implementation of the original code that made it “unfriendly” for newer versions.

I don’t have time to maintain it right now, which would mean completely rewriting it and learning an entire new development framework. I’m busy with lots of other stuff, and frankly, the information on the Chan-SCCP-B Wiki that I wrote about implement the channel driver is 90% of what you need. If you follow the recommendations on there, you should find that you don’t actually need a GUI interface.