SCCP firmware 7961 phones to sip firmware via endpoint manager

hi guys,

I have 7961G phones and they are sccp based phones. I want to setup these phones with my commercial EPM but unable to set those up.

the phone is looking for these files
“CTLSEP00260BD7EA86.tlv” octet
“SEP00260BD7EA86.cnf.xml” octet
“XMLDefault.cnf.xml” octet

and in my tftpboot directory

aastra.cfg   cfg0305.xml  cfg0500.xml  cisco                      dialplan-MAC.xml  dialplan-MAC.xml  legacy_sip.cfg           SEPMAC.cnf.xml  SEPMAC.cnf.xml
cfg0018.xml  cfg0400.xml  cfg0700.xml  dialplan-MAC.xml  dialplan-MAC.xml  digium                    sangoma                  SEPMAC.cnf.xml  SEPMAC.cnf.xml
cfg0300.xml  cfg0405.xml  cfg0705.xml  dialplan-MAC.xml  dialplan-MAC.xml  firmwaredownloads         SEPMAC.cnf.xml  SEPMAC.cnf.xml

Any help will be appreciated.

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