SCCP Extensions not seen as local

Apologies if there is an ‘obvious’ solution to my problem, but in my defense, I’m new to Asterisk/FreePBX and could use a little help here.

I’m currently developing an Asterisk system to replace our aging AT&T Spirit Key & Lamp system. I have acquired a bunch Cisco 79xx phones (various flavors & add on modules), installed chan-sccp-b along with a very early version of sccp manager (a FreePBX module, originally developed by Javier De La Fuente, but abandoned a while back).

After much poking, prodding and tinkering my phones are working and the soft keys are fully functional. I am able to make and receive calls and I’m almost ready to put the system into production, but for one problem that is proving to be extremely annoying.

Asterisk/FreePBX does not consider my sccp extensions to be local.

When calling between 2 extensions, the FreePBX System Status report shows 2 channels active and 1 call in progress, but no internal or external calls. Looking at the display of another phone which has a BLF set up for each of the extensions, it shows them both as “external call” when it should show the connected extension.

From reading this and many other forums, I suspect that my issue maybe due to Asterisk routing all dialed digits to outbound-routes. Show I tried removing every one of my outbound routes, but the problem still remains.

Looking at the dial plan in asterisk for my extension reports:
dialplan show [email protected]
[ Included context ‘ext-local’ created by ‘pbx_config’ ]
‘102’ => hint: SCCP/102&Custom:DND102 [pbx_config]
1. Set(__RINGTIMER=${IF($[${DB(AMPUSER/102/ringtimer)} > 0]?${DB(AMPUSER/102/ringtimer)}:${RINGTIMER_DEFAULT})}) [pbx_config]
2. Macro(exten-vm,102,102,0,0,0) [pbx_config]
[dest] 3. Set(__PICKUPMARK=) [pbx_config]
4. Macro(vm,102,${DIALSTATUS},${IVR_RETVM}) [pbx_config]
5. Goto(vmret,1) [pbx_config]

[ Included context ‘outbound-restricted-routes’ created by ‘pbx_config’ ]
’_X.’ => 1. Macro(user-callerid,LIMIT) [pbx_config]
2. Set(ROUTEUSER=${IF($["${EXTTOCALL}"!=""]?${EXTTOCALL}:${AMPUSER})}) [pbx_config]
3. GotoIf($[${LEN(${ROUTEUSER})}>0 & ${DB_EXISTS(AMPUSER/${ROUTEUSER}/outroute)}]?${DB(AMPUSER/${ROUTEUSER}/outroute)},${EXTEN},2:outbound-allroutes,${EXTEN},2) [pbx_config]

-= 2 extensions (9 priorities) in 2 contexts. =-

Any ideas, tips or suggestions would be gratefully received.

Many thanks in anticipation

I’d be grateful of any ideas…

Many thanks!