Sbc upgrade

Hi to all,

After SBC update, I get this error:

[ERR] switch_core_sqldb.c:838 SQL ERR: [select call_id,sip_user,sip_host from sip_thru_subscriptions where profile_name = ‘External’ and expires > 0 and expires <= 1599995099] no such table: sip_thru_subscriptions

Do you have any idea why NSC can’t connect to DB? what changes happened in the DB configs after update?

current version: 2.3.27-126 (GA)


Any idea?

is it related to DB name?

Not per se.

Your database can’t find the table called sip_thru_subscriptions. Have you submitted a ticket on it yet? if you want to start looking at it, you can log into the server and start the mysql/mariadb program to access the database and see if the table is there.

Chances are, the table was supposed to be created during your update, but for some reason it wasn’t.

@cynjut thanks for reply.

There is a problem on update process. Installing from ISO works well.

Also I found the problem that the name of DB will be changed in the vars.xml.
Hope to Sangoma resolves this issue.

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