Saving call recordings to local machine

I’ve inherited a client’s FreePBX system from a previous employee and, despite no prior knowledge of VoIP systems, I’ve managed to get them up to a functional level. I’ve got a couple of niggling issues, but the biggest at the moment is getting the recordings out of the box. The CDR records page in FreePBX gives me a nice interface to search and view the call history, and (as all calls are recorded) the customer can play back the recordings here. But it seems that the only option is a windows media player plugin which plays the recording in the browser. Once they’ve found the recording they want, they need to be able to save it for future use. All I’ve been able to find through googling is very ugly methods of mounting a share and running a script to transfer the files. They need the database functionality, just need to be able to save instead of playing. Can anyone help?

I just installed v2.11.0.9 (clean insrtall) and set up a person to have access to the CDR reports so he can pull calls they need to review. He got in and clicked the speaker symbol and a Quicktime bar opened and played the audio. He needs to be able to save these calls to a local share for others. We purchased the $30 QuicktimePro price to “enable” the ability to Save a source, but it is not working. Besides teaching this guy how to use WinSPC to access the OS file structure (which I don’t want to do), is there an end user friendly way for him to save the .wav’s locally?