Save, Rebuild Config(s) and Update Phone - Error

(Mr Nemo 00) #1

i hve this porblem, in

Endpoint Manager —> Extensio Mapping

if i use “Save, Rebuild Config(s) and Update Phone” i have this error…so i have to reboot phones to load new config
Any help ?

[2021-02-26 20:55:31] WARNING[30783]: res_pjsip_outbound_authenticator_digest.c:178 digest_create_request_with_auth: Host: ‘IP_PUBLIC:16525’: Unable to create request with auth. No auth credentials for realm(s) ‘IP-FREEPBX’ in challenge.

(Itzik) #2

Which version of FreePBX and Endpoint Manager?
What brand/model of phone are you trying to map?

(Mr Nemo 00) #3

Grandstream GXP 1610
Endpoint Manager

(Itzik) #4

Where do you get this error, in the GUI?
Can you post a screenshot?

(Mr Nemo 00) #5

No gui, in cli
Gui is always ok, no error

(Itzik) #6

OK, then you will need to post a bit more info on your setup. Is there anything else displayed in the log that says more?

(Mr Nemo 00) #7

I have only this error

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