Save faxes on PBX received through SPA3102

we use FreePBX for our PBX
Here is the schema:
SIP trunk-FreePBX extension-SPA3102-fax machine.
so we send and receive faxes without any problem through t.38 protocol.
So my question is: is it possible to save sent and received fax on the PBX and how?The reason of this question is this: When we receive fax, some of our colegues takes it and then lose it, for some reason,but this fax is very important.So we need to have some kind of backup saved on PBX machine.


You could use rsync to copy the files to another location on a schedule.

No that would not work as he is using a gateway into a analog machine to send outbound faxes using T38 passthrough. Asterisk does not know about the fax message and only passes through the T38 packets.