Save existing configuration and reinstall

Hi I have a running FreePBX here. The person who installed it is gone since a long time and is per rumors somewhere in Europe. I have tried to get hold of him with no success.

The box runs and I have admin access. However, I have no access to the system itself, no root password.

Is there a way to preserve the existing configuration and reinstall completely?

We run FreePBX and Asterisk



Thank you!!

Did not expect that it will be so easy!

I spoke to my boss to get an okay and he involved legal.

Apparently the computer itself belongs to the past IT guy who set it up for testing and it was never changed. I maintain the FreePBX and have admin access.

However lagal feels that it would not be okay to “hack” the system by overwriting his root password.

So, its there a way to transfer everything when I do set up our own FreePBX on a different computer?



I would boot the system up with a clonezilla live iso/cd, clone the hardrive to somewhere else, install that image into another machine, send him back his machine and then go do as suggested. Only then ask your legal department if you broke any laws :wink:

(you can use that same clonezilla thing to restore the image on your own hardware)

even eeasier you could boot both machines with the same clonezilla thing and transfer the old machine to the new in one on the network step without any intermediate storage.

But if as you say , you have admin access to FreePBX, just do a full backup and restore to a simiolar version of FreePBX you have previously installed on the new machine.


So, if I schedule a full System Backup of the FreePBX only (did not find a button to do it right now), install the same version on a different computer and do a full restore there, I should be fine?

If you are fully backing up a true FreedPBX system and fully restoring that backup to the same version of FreePBX, then yes. Make sure all asterisk/FreePBX type passwords on the new machine are the same as the old ones to save ourself further angst.

I have tried to find an old distro that contains FreePBX, but I would not find it.

I recommend that you install by hand, when you get to the FreePBX bit

install-amp --force-version 2.9