Sanity with certificates

I was working till my cert expired in testing, I went on vacation so a lot of things are rusty, however I have the following issues,

in ucp I start the call and the call rings the end point and terminates right away.
In a zoiper client I get a certificate validation fail code 924.

if I go to https://Myserver:8089 its the right certificate, I expires in Nov. of 2021 so I know its the right one.

so he first question is what is he problem with UCP. It should be happy as I know the cert is right. Another clue is that it things the call is sill going in the UCP client and it also has NANANA up top of the window.

In the fat client I get the 924. In freepbx I don’t have yes set on teh validate the cert for either client or server. and he cipher is default. I’ve tried tls 1.1 1.2 & SSLV2/3

Based on what I’ve read its got to be the cert but besides the test of the ip and seeing the right one and its valid in chrome anything else? It has to be something domb.

I used he upload cert. Does it need a chain I wonder Nothing else does as the cert is from Entrust.

For zoiper the error is a chipher issue. for the webrtc side I don’t see any errors. Just the hangup for the call.

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