SangomaOS (IP PBX): using 1-pair / 2-pair "digital phones":[solved]


Anyone ever use a digital-phone “converter” to IP (SIP)?
I know Patton made one: years back: might be discontinued now.

I know (the sub-variables) of this … I know why this might not be the best way: I know the digital phone would be limited and its function might not be that solid (loss of features).

I found one company who makes one: for their own system, but it does allow specific digital phones to work on their IP PBX. The item is probably going to be on back order for a while.

Somehow use existing 1-pair / 2-pair wall jack wiring …
Somehow use standard digital phones: as end-points to a SangomaOS (SIP) IP PBX appliance.

Example: Panasonic digital DT series phones
Example: Avaya digital 95xx series phones

Thanks for any thoughts / tips.

This is a road that will lead to sadness. Simply don’t do it.

If you have analog phones you can get a channelbank of some sort. Using proprietary phones will make them simply phones with no features. At the end of the day the user experience will be awful.

The best way to do this is run both systems in parallel and interconnect them. Then over time swap endpoints. and move people to the new system. If you want phones with no features there are some options out there that probably price comparably to an adapter

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Hi James:

The later option you mention is what we’ve been doing for a while.
Esp: Panasonic systems (now that they are “going away”).

I like putting SangomaOS in "front’ of the digital system: from the point of view of the telephone lines (SIP, PRI, or FXO/FXS).
Lines come in SIP and we use a FXS gateway to deliver dial tone to a digital box.

What is so cool is the voicemail options and CDR module from SangomaOS: most digital systems to not compare in this fashion.

Thanks for confirming things for us.

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