Sangomacrm - OK, it is a CRM module, but where to get more info?

It is listed on my Dashboard as a module available for download. Please give out more informaiton as to what it is, what does it do, etc. I checked the modules for sale page, not listed there.

It’s a new commercial modules that is out in beta with testers. More info to come soon.

OK. Very well. You have my permission to continue to beta test. :slight_smile:

Awesome --I love new stuff! But now I can’t disable Zulu because and we don’t use it, but Sangoma CRM does:

Errors with selection:
    Zulu cannot be disabled because the following modules depend on it:
    Please disable those modules first then try again.

Any work-around yet?

It says: “Disable SangomaCRM first and then disable Zulu”.
Does that not work?

Hi Tony, what current status of sangomacrm module? Is it possible to link for example 2 FreePBXes with 1 CRM?

Ping? :slight_smile: I’m very interested for integration of freepbx and crm.

I am not sure if 2 different PBXs can link to the same CRM.

@tm1000 do you see a problem with this?

From my experience with CRM systems, two PBXes to one CRM would be a lot simpler than two CRMs from one PBX!

We want a call stats and recordings to be available in CRM. CRM users should be able to originate calls by click on customer phone number in CRM.
So 2 questions:

  1. For example we have PBXs in 2 cities and SugarCRM.
    In city A we have ext number 1111 and in city B we have ext number 1111 too. If we link both PBXs to the same CRM:
  • will calls stats be correctly assigned to the customer in CRM?
  • will Zulu UC Crome plugin be able to identify PBX to originate a call if 2 CRM users has the same ext number?
  1. Is it possible to have a trial period for module (to configure and show to boss that it works as expected)?

I’m ready to discuss details in email. Thank you!

So again I am not sure we 2 PBXs can connect to the same CRM to send call stats.

As far as click to call that would be fine as Click to call is all driven by the local users Zulu on their computer so it has nothing to do with the CRM module itself.

At this time we do not offer free trials on CRM module but nothing that I can see would stop 2 PBXs from updating the CRM since its just making connections to the CRM but @tm1000 can confirm this