SangomaCRM and SuiteCRM

Has anyone encountered this when trying to configure the CRM?

I have followed all the steps in the wiki and keep on getting that error when i hit test.

I would diagnose it further but cant decode the Leads.php file for line 207.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Dimitrios:

Upgrade the CRM module to edge using:

fwconsole ma upgrade sangomacrm --edge

and if the problem persists open a support ticket,

that worked thank you. I am able to test and it makes the connection to the CRM and able to look up records on the crm,

But when I try to Link to a CRM User the only option I have is none.

Which version FreePBX you are using ? 13 or 14?
This following versions are working and fixing CRM User Link NONE issue.
SangomaCRM v14.0.1.8
SangomaCRM v13.0.6.6

I have Freepbx 14. And I’m running of SangomaCRM

Update your SangomaCRM module.
fwconsole ma --edge downlodinstall sangomacrm

I did got the same thing.

Pls opne a Support Ticket.

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